• Nuffield Theatre
    University of Southampton

    09 July - 11 July, 2018
    Southampton, United Kingdom

  • Welcome to MIUA 2018

    With thanks to all delegates and presenters we enjoyed the conference very much. MIUA 2018 is now over and we look forward to the 23rd MIUA in Liverpool next year. For photos of MIUA 2018 please look at the Gallery and Twitter account.

    group photo

    The prize winning papers were:
    Best Paper: M Brudfors, Y Balbastre, P Nachev, J Ashburner for “MRI Super-Resolution using Multi-Channel Total Variation”.
    Best Poster: V Azzopardi, M Guy, E Lewis for “Identifying shape-based biomarkers for diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease from loflupane (123I) SPECT data”
    Best Clinical Abstract: L Vass, M Fisk, M Polkey, I Wilkinson for “Compartmental modelling of 18F-FDG to assess Pulmonary Inflammation in Obstructive Sleep Apneoa/Hypopneoa Syndrome (OSAHs) Patients”

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